Friday, 14 September 2012

Big Announcement!!!

  The Enchanted Alphabet book is now for sale on Amazon    

I completed the submission process a couple of weeks ago and received my proof copy through the post last week. I can't tell you how exciting, and weird, it was to be holding a proper copy of it in my hands. First thing to do was take it straight to show my mum. She was almost more excited than me. Then she saw that I'd dedicated it to my great uncle, Bill, who died earlier this year, and we both had a little cry.

So, here it is, as a proper book at last:

It's available from and .uk already, as well as CreateSpace's own e-store and should be available from the other European Amazon sites soon too.

US  -

UK  -

To celebrate, I've created a little bookplate featuring artwork from the book that

you can download from DeviantArt.


  1. I am so happy for you, congratulations.
    wishing you success that acts as a muse for you and brings you happiness.

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  3. Just ordered my copy ^_^ ♥ I love your work!

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