Saturday, 15 June 2013

Quick update

As I haven't posted anything new here since the book was published, I thought it was about time I wrote a little update.

Sales of the book have slowed down to a trickle now - that I sold any at all was nice, considering how little promotional stuff I did and I even got a 5 Star review from someone too!!. So with that in mind I'm probably going to post the rest of the alphabet on here over the coming months.

I've also been thinking, but not too hard because I'm working on other things, about possibly doing a second book, something more like the old medieval bestiaries - an alphabet of enchanted animals - assuming I can find a mythical animal for every letter of the alphabet.

I've  added an Enchanted Alphabet section to my Zazzle Store where you can now buy postcards of each letter's illustration - only $1.00 each -  and a 16x20" poster of all 26 letters. So if you want a novel way of teaching your child the alphabet, or just want to spell their name out in enchanted letters, now you can!

The book is still available on Amazon, currently for $10.85 and from the UK Amazon site for £7.08 and should be on the other European sites too.

I think I'm up to P with the posts so it'll be pixies next time I write...

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