Saturday, 11 August 2012

O is for...


The Oakmen have had a hard life here in England over the centuries. As their name suggests, they like to live in and around oak trees but so many of our native oak forests have been cut down in ages past, to build the great fleets of the British Navy in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries among other things, that these little guys have struggled to find homes for themselves. Understandably they do not like us humans very much, and use their Faery magic to disguise poisonous toadstools as human food in the hope that visitors to their realm will be tempted to eat and suffer the consequences. Who can blame them when so many of them have to make do with living in the stumps of once great oaks.

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I've been delayed in posting this latest letter of the Alphabet because I've been busy-busy these last few weeks. All the letters of the alphabet are now finished!!!Yay!! And, after much humming and hawing, searching for suitable publishers and tweaking of images I've finally decided to publish the Alphabet as a little book. So my time has been taken up reformatting the pages, re-painting a couple of letters that I wasn't entirely happy with and wading through the info on CreateSpace's pages. I have a few bits of paperwork to finish (the American tax system :-O  scary stuff!) then I'll be ready to go. And the good news is that it'll be available not just on but on the UK and European sites too which means that the postage costs for those of you not in the US won't be more than the cost of the book. :) I'll post more details as I get them over the next couple of months.

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  1. Congratulations on completing the art and more on this project! I wish you the best each step of the way, it really is a wonderful treasure.